The DeliverFund logo is significant to all involved.

The Manilla* is a significant symbol given its history. Typically a symbol of oppression, within DeliverFund it is a symbol of hope.

There are age marks on the DeliverFund Manilla, reminding us that slavery, unfortunately, is not new and not gone or eliminated. In fact, it is one of the oldest and most continued markets in the United States and around the world.

The ‘notch’ in the top of the DeliverFund Manilla symbolizes the impact DeliverFund intends to have on slavery with each area expansion.

The red line signifies a blood streak; there to remind all of us that we are not the first ones to fight this battle. A horizontal red line is a universal symbol for STOP.

*The Manilla, which according to Wikipedia were "... penannular armlets, mostly in bronze or copper, very rarely gold, which served as a form of commodity money ... among certain West African peoples ... This form of African currency also became known as "slave trade money" after the Europeans started using them to acquire slaves for the slave trade into the Americas (as well as England prior to 1807).”