Our Values

For some, the need for values within an organization is a check mark on the to-do list. At DeliverFund, we value our values. They are written across the faces of our employees and volunteers and our values always define our actions.

WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE OUR INTEGRITY: As a group and among the individuals of DeliverFund, when we make decisions about what our organization will, and will not do, we always evaluate how our actions affect the job at hand. We are transparent with each individual involved, always asking that they too ensure their actions will only strengthen the Integrity of the company as a whole.

WE ARE MINDFUL: Good judgment is a mandatory at DeliverFund

WE ARE DEFINED BY OUR WORDS: What we say is exactly what we will do. Our words are our promise.

PEOPLE ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET: Each individual involved with DeliverFund has a purpose. We will hire and retain high-performing, respectful, smart, and driven performers. The mindful actions of each individual will have a great impact on our goals. If DeliverFund is your full-time employer, DeliverFund is your passion.

WE DEMONSTRATE COURAGE: We are bold. We are brave. We are courageous. This is demonstrated internally as a nonprofit with powerful goals and responsive individuals ready for reaching them. Also externally; as we serve those that need our assistance.

WE REMEMBER OUR IDENTITY: We know what we stand for and who we are fighting for. We are focused, decisive and capable of great accomplishments; mission focused at all times.

WE WILL SEEK WISDOM: We will never stop learning. We will gain wisdom from the experiences we have, always seeking to have a lesson learned and appreciated.



Board Of Directors

Our Culture

Be mindful of everyone’s schedules

Be transparent

Own your passion for our mission

Transform expectations

Maximize our efficiency and stretch our donor dollars

Never stop learning

Familiarity with success breeds success – don’t stop what you’re doing

Recognize your potential and the potential of those around you

Care about character

Stay dedicated to our mission, capabilities and continued performance

What we do for others is a privilege

Be above reproach

Strive to have a bigger worldview

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

— Mahatma Gandhi